Selected Recent Work

Brook Trout


Large Mouth Crazy Quilt Bass


Four Kimonos


Eastern Wind


Kimono Quartet


House Tiles


cloud cups 6 separated 01148


flower brick with flowers 01129
Flower Brick


three oval bowls 01120


large oval bowl 01105


small vase with birds 01102
Small Vase With Crows


small bowl and cups 01114
Black and Green Series


Little Bowls
Little Bowls


black shallow bowl blue leaves 1097


black shallow bowl oak gingko 1095


scalloped bowl with large spots 1091




patchwork blue dotted bowl 962


spiral dotted bowl 961


green bowls with black flowers 958
Bowls With Flower Sprigs


black grid spotted bowl 951


sawtooth carved bowls 955


wavy rimmed bowls 953







Ceramic and Mosaic Artist